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In May 2022, CR Project Manager Francesca spent 5 weeks on Ambon, to develop a better understanding of the island, work closely with locals, and lay the foundation for a successful implementation of three Litter Traps in the bay of Ambon.

Building a framework of agreements and collaborations with local organizations and institutions such as Research Centers, universities, and NGOs, at a village, city, and provincial level is fundamental. While three Litter Traps are on their way from Rotterdam to Ambon, CLEAR RIVERS is building a strong and reliable local network:

working closely together with the people from Ambon is the key to developing an effective approach to each step of the plastic waste stream at a local scale: 

from research and location analysis, from waste collection and sorting to the development of educational programs to create awareness about this worldwide issue and, especially, about CLEAR RIVERS’ solution.


Published in June 2022

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