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At CLEAR RIVERS, we believe that reducing plastic pollution starts with changing the behaviors of individuals, communities, and organizations. That's why we have developed an education and awareness program that aims to reach young people at all levels of the education system. We are convinced that education can play a key role in equipping the next generation of professionals with the tools to tackle the issue of plastic waste.

Educational program in Ambon, Indonesia

Our education program can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of different groups. We offer a range of activities such as visits to the Recycled Park, guest lectures, presentations, discussions, and cleanups. We also give assignments to students and challenge them to come up with their own ideas for reducing plastic pollution. 

Educational program in the Netherlands

Bring CLEAR RIVERS to your school

Are you a student or a professor interested in sustainability?

Email us!

We are available for presentations and workshops (live and online).

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