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Stop Plastic Pollution in International Rivers

Together, let's make a lasting impact!

Join Us is Addressing Plastic Pollution

At CLEAR RIVERS, we are dedicated to preventing plastic pollution from further harming our precious seas and oceans. With your support, we can continue our efforts to address this global challenge.


Our Mission and Achievements

With 9 years of experience in plastic retrieval, recycling, and education, CLEAR RIVERS has already made a significant difference in 8 countries. However, the problem persists worldwide, and we need your continued support to expand our reach and drive innovation.

Together, we aim to:

  • Retrieve plastic litter at the source: Our litter traps and cleanups target rivers, which serve as major pathways for plastic pollution.

  • Empower people: Through education and awareness initiatives, we inspire individuals to become advocates for a cleaner future.

  • Innovate reusing plastic litter: We develop creative recycling methods to transform plastic waste into valuable resources.

Your Donations in Action

Thanks to your donations, we successfully implemented a pilot project in Borneo, Malaysia. This project carried out in collaboration with FAB and UniBricks, had a significant positive impact on improving environmental conditions and the well-being of local communities.

However, our mission doesn't stop there. We need your help to expand our efforts to other countries grappling with plastic pollution along their rivers. Our immediate focus is on Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, where we have already established partnerships and collaborations. By strengthening our presence in these regions, we can make even greater strides in addressing plastic pollution and driving positive change.

Your contributions play a crucial role in creating a cleaner and healthier future. Together, let's extend our reach and work towards a world where our rivers and oceans are free from plastic pollution.

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