About the project

The kick-start of this project is the implementation of a Litter Trap, CLEAR RIVERS’ passive retrieving device that collects plastic litter from rivers and canals in a cost-effective and sustainable way. In fact, the Litter Trap takes advantage of winds and current to entrap the plastic, without requiring any energy or harming the environment. We have already successfully implemented 7 Litter Traps in the Netherlands, Belgium and Indonesia and we are ready to continue!

The Litter Trap implementation represents the first essential step in our project. Once we successfully implement the Trap, sort and analyze the plastic, we have the vision, together with our partner UniBrick, to support FAB in recycling the plastic to create modular building blocks for sustainable housing. In this way, we can solve two threatening problems, marine plastic litter and poor housing conditions, at the same time!

Together with FAB
(http://www.futurealamborneo.org/) and UniBrick (https://www.consciousdesigns.nl/unibrick), we will have a great impact on both environmental and living conditions in Borneo. However, we cannot support FAB in their call for help without your contribution! FAB reached out to us because they need our expertise and we reach out to you because we need the budget to make the difference!

Thanks to your support we can do great things!
If you want to know more in details about this project, read the steps below or send us an email at info@clearrivers.eu.

Thank you for contributing to a plastic-free sea!

CLEAR RIVERS is the brand name of the Recycled Island Foundation. All the donations go directly to the Foundation.

Problem: Highly polluted coastline in Sandakan - Borneo
Problem: Highly polluted coastline in Sandakan - Borneo
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Solution: CLEAR RIVERS' Litter Trap: with this device we retrieve the plastic from the waterways and then recycle it into building blocks!
Solution: Building blocks made with recycled plastics in collaboration with our partner UniBrick

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