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TOGETHER, we act at the source

Support CLEAR RIVERS to prevent 

plastic litter from entering the sea. #plasticfreesea

CLEAR RIVERS  benefits from 8 years of experience in plastic retrieval, recycling and education.

Your donations help us to implement our durable approach to stop the plastic pollution in International rivers.




CLEAR RIVERS prevents plastic pollution to further pollute our seas and oceans.

Over the last years, we invested in our effective and collaborative approach, which allows us to already be active in 8 countries.

But unfortunately, the problem is still very present worldwide and asks our continues effort.

To proceed with our action, but also to further innovate and expend, we kindly ask your support.  




Together, our mission is to: 

  • Retrieve plastic litter at the source of the sea : rivers

       ( Litter traps & Cleanups )

  • Empower people

       Education & Awareness )

  • Innovate by using plastic litter as a source

       ( Recycle )





What did we already achieve with our previous donations?

All the funds so far have been used for our project in Borneo 

Together with FAB and UniBrick, we want to have a great impact on both environmental and living conditions in Borneo. However, we cannot support FAB in their call for help without your contribution! FAB reached out to us because they need our expertise and we reach out to you because we need the budget to make the difference!




Our objective is to have impact in new countries where the plastic pollution is a big problem on the rivers. We are already starting to expend further in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. 



Thanks to your support we can do great things!

If you want to know more in details about our projects and to follow all the achievement we can make together, you can :

- subscribe to our newsletter

- follow us on our social media

- send us an email at


Thank you for contributing to a plastic-free sea!





Thanks for submitting!

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