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Ambon plastic-free project

Ambon plastic-free project aims to develop a circular approach to plastic pollution at a local scale: from the retrieval of plastic from the environment thanks to the installation of Litter Traps in the bay of Ambon, to the development of an educational approach to involving locals and raising awareness about the topic of prevention and reduction of single-use plastic, as well as research into local options for sorting and recycling. 

Video update from September 2022.

Would you like to follow Francesca’s activities? 

On the interactive map below, you can read more about her meetings and discussions with local partners and organizations, as well as getting to know the island and the current waste situation by looking through the pictures, she took during the several location surveys.




Stay tuned for more updates from Ambon! You can also read about the latest achievements on social media below!


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Do you have a question or would like to hear more about the project? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to Francesca by email at or on LinkedIn 



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