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For a plastic-free sea,

We act at the source!

CLEAR RIVERS is a not-for-profit organization tackling the plastic pollution crisis by catching river plastics before they reach the open waters, organizing cleanups, and educational workshops, and recycling the retrieved litter into new durable products. 

Our mission is to prevent plastic from entering the oceans.

To help us end plastic pollution, we have designed Litter Traps made of recycled plastics that passively collect waste in rivers, using wind and water currents. Our latest model, the LT5, is designed to be portable and cost-effective.

Our Approach

At CLEAR RIVERS, we take an international, integrated approach to plastic pollution. Our mission goes beyond simply collecting plastics; we aim to address the issue at its core and contribute to a circular economy. To achieve our goal of halting plastic pollution, our work is built upon five pillars that form the foundation of our efforts. These pillars serve as the guiding principles for our organization, driving our actions and shaping our strategies. Through our commitment to these five pillars, we strive to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all. 

Why Rivers?

Plastic-free rivers save our oceans.

80-95% of the plastics in the ocean reach the open waters through rivers, where it becomes part of the worldwide pollution.

In many cities, water is the lowest point, resulting in the unfortunate accumulation of litter in our rivers.

CLEAR RIVERS retrieves the plastics directly in our cities and ports, actively preventing the further growth of the plastic soup in our seas and oceans.

Plastic-free rivers save our oceans.

the journey of plastic waste in the environment

Plastic litter is a structural problem in open waters.

Plastic pollutes our seas and oceans and has a direct and deadly effect on marine life. Thousands of birds, seals, turtles, whales, and other marine animals are killed every year due to ingestion or entanglement.

With plastics breaking down into smaller particles, it also enters the human food chain.

plastic waste reaches the sea, floating debris

Our Impact

In the past 9 years, CLEAR RIVERS has implemented successful projects across several countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Indonesia, and Malaysia. We have installed Litter Traps, organized Cleanups, Educational Programs, and developed a range of circular products among which two floating parks, furniture items, and building materials.

From cleaning rivers and river shores to developing educational programmes, we're making real progress in our efforts to stop plastic from reaching our oceans. Discover our impact and join us in our mission.

Map of CLEAR RIVERS Project locations


How did the foundation get the idea to build floating islands?

We looked for a local and circular approach to the issue of plastic pollution and we found potential in retrieving plastics from our local river the New Meuse. Retrieving waste from rivers has shown to be easier than attempting to collect plastics from the open sea. Moreover, when plastics are retrieved close to the source of pollution, the quality of the material is also most likely still good enough for recycling. The building blocks of our floating park are made of plastics we retrieved. Floating parks are a plus for cities, and they enrich the harbour's ecosystem by simply adding new vegetation and creating new spaces for birds to nest.

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