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Get involved

There are multiple ways to join us for a plastic-free sea!

For questions, please contact

Our oceans are covered in waste

CLEAR RIVERS focuses on stopping plastic from entering the seas and oceans!

We rely on donations from companies and individuals to be able to work on these projects.

Your donation helps to keep the oceans plastic free!


"13 years ago I took the initiative and started the cleanups in Maassluis.

After a while, many people joined me, and now the area is cleaner and people’s behavior is changing.
My wish is for Maassluis to become the cleanest area in the Netherlands!"

Become a Volunteer

Are you located in the Netherlands and want to contribute to cleaner cities and riverbeds? 

to your school

Are you a student or a professor interested in sustainability?

Email us!

We are open for presentations, workshops, and student assignments (live and online).


Send us your ideas

Do you have a cool idea of the next circular product
we should create?
Do you know a specific location where we should place a Litter Trap?

Your ideas are valuable to us, please share them with us!

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