The Litter Traps have been specially developed to retrieve litter in Keilehaven, Coolhaven, and Delfshaven in Rotterdam. The devices are emptied once a week in order to prevent plastic litter from entering the North Sea. With the retrieved plastic we produce new and durable products.

If you are curious about our retrieving devices or our recycled products, do not hesitate to contact us.


Together with our partners Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland Rotterdam Circulair, Cargill, HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. , Gemeente Rotterdam we had a small launching event to officially inaugurate the Litter Traps! Thanks to our new Litter Traps we will be able to retrieve more marine litter from the rivers and prevent plastic pollution from entering the sea!

CLEAR RIVERS' Founding director, Ramon Knoester said: “During this trial period we have been able to try out and optimize the installations. We explored what the best locations within the city could be. We are extremely proud of the result: a system that works effectively with intense shipping, tidal changes and different wind directions. The Litter Traps capture marine litter by using the water current and most common wind direction. The Litter Trap has already proven its effectiveness in several (inter)national locations. We expect to retrieve an average of 150kg of marine litter a month.


The last few months have been rather 'turbulent' for our Litter Traps in Borneo.

The recent monsoon season has given us and Future Alam Borneo, the opportunity to test our devices in rough weather conditions.

We're very happy to see how the Litter Trap's structure, even if made with local materials, has not been damaged. Our local partners, decided to move one of the traps from the Sim Sim site to a new testing location, in proximity of the Sandakan grand mosque and the volume of trash collected has risen significantly.

We look forward to further researching the quality of retrieved plastic litter and testing its potential for recycling.