We are excited to announce that CLEAR RIVERS has installed a brand new Floating Park, made of recycled plastic in the Düsseldorf Marina, in Germany.

Not only is the park a great way to raise environmental awareness but it also creates new green areas in highly urbanized cities.

Each block has different layers made of plants, soil and recycled plastics according to the different biological functions. In fact, vegetation can grow on top but also through the floating blocks, creating breeding ground and shelter for fish and other animals. This floating platform enhances the natural habitat.

We would like to thank Düsseldorf Marina for their support and we look forward to future exciting projects.


We are happy to announce our new educational program focused on prevention and recycling of marine litter in Zwolle!

More than 100 pupils will advise CLEAR RIVERS on how to effectively retrieve and recycle plastic litter in the IJssel.

Stay tuned for their ideas and proposals.

Many thanks to: Natuurenmilieuoverijssel Thorbeckesg

stichting Openbaar Onderwijs Zwolle en Regio (OOZ) Onderwijsroute 10-14 and Provincie Overijssel


Here is the video showing CLEAR RIVERS' latest educational program with more than 500 students!

The winning idea will be exposed at the Maritiem Museum Rotterdam for one year!

We would like to thank all the schools and our partners that participated and helped us realize this project.

Gooislyceum, Walburg College, ISW Hoogeland, Arno Bonte, Rotterdam Circulair, Dalton Lyceum Barendrecht and RDM Centre of Expertise