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Our Impact

CLEAR RIVERS is the brand name of the Recycled Island Foundation. Although CLEAR RIVERS is new as a brand, the organization benefits from five years of experience in plastic retrieval, recycling and education. 

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and Malaysia successful projects have been implemented with Litter Traps, Cleanups, Educational Programmes and a range of circular products developed such as Litter Traps, two floating parks, furniture, and building materials.

More than

40.000 kg

of litter

have been


CLEAR RIVERS has successfully implemented 12 Litter Traps in Europe and Asia. For more information about every Litter Trap visit our Litter Trap page.


CLEAR RIVERS has successfully produced a variety of circular products. They have been made with different production techniques. Visit our Recycling page for more information.

CLEAR RIVERS organized more than 149 Cleanups with local organizations and the local communities. 

Through the Cleanups, the river shores are cleaned and the collected plastic will be recycled. Visit our Cleanups page for more information

CLEAR RIVERS inaugurated 140 square meters of the recycled park in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and 15 square meters in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The recycled park is built with hexagonal blocks made of recycled plastic. Thanks to this innovative solution, CLEAR RIVERS is creating new, green, and sustainable areas.


CLEAR RIVERS' education and awareness program reaches more than 500 students every year. In the education program, we engage and encourage students to come up with their own ideas on how to tackle today's most pressing environmental issues.

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