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Why Rivers?

Plastic-free rivers save our oceans.

80-95% of the plastics in the ocean reach the open waters through rivers, where it becomes part of the worldwide pollution.

In many cities, water is the lowest point, resulting in the unfortunate accumulation of litter in our rivers.

CLEAR RIVERS retrieves the plastics directly in our cities and ports, actively preventing the further growth of the plastic soup in our seas and oceans.

Plastic-free rivers save our oceans.

Plastic litter is a structural problem in open waters.

Plastic pollutes our seas and oceans and has a direct and deadly effect on marine life. Thousands of birds, seals, turtles, whales, and other marine animals are killed every year after ingesting plastic or getting strangled in it.

With the plastics breaking down into smaller particles, it also enters the human food chain.

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