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For a plastic-free sea!

We act at the source.

We believe in a plastic-free sea.

CLEAR RIVERS is a not-for-profit organization tackling the plastic pollution crisis by catching river plastics before they reach the open waters, organizing cleanups, giving educational workshops, and recycling the retrieved litter into new and durable products. 

Our mission is to prevent plastic from entering the oceans.

Our Approach

CLEAR RIVERS has an international interconnected approach. 

Through the five pillars of our approach, we can achieve the halt on plastic pollution that is needed.

How did the foundation get the idea to build floating islands?

The project is an initiative of the Recycled Island Foundation, a multidisciplinary organization aiming to fight plastic pollution. We looked for a local approach to this issue and we found potential in retrieving plastics from our local river the New Meuse. Most of the plastics in our oceans end up there via rivers, where preventive work is crucial. Retrieving waste from rivers has shown to be easier than attempting to collect plastics from the open sea or the ocean. Moreover, when plastics are retrieved close to the source of pollution, the quality of the material is also most likely still good enough for recycling.

The building blocks of our floating park are made of plastics we retrieved. Floating parks are a plus for cities, and they enrich the harbour's ecosystem by simply adding new vegetation.

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