Today we celebrate 2 years of the Recycled Park in Rotterdam !

The park is made from marine litter and gives life to a new ecosystem ⠀ We are grateful to all our partners that helped us to realize this amazing and unique project: BV Europe 90, Van der Vorm Vastgoed, Nautilus, CityLab010, Ekon, HEBO Maritiemservice BV, Port of Rotterdam, Rijkwaterstaat, Joosten Kunststoffen, Bartels & Vedder, Van Werven, Rotterdam Duurzaam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Cargill, Verkuil & Moree Buitenruimte specialisten, Audi_official, Innovation Quarter, Lankhorst.

Do you want to organize a visit at the park?⠀ Are you interested in bringing the Recycled Park to your city? Send us a private message or email us at ⠀ Together for a #plasticfreesea.

“We hope that the plastic problem will soon be resolved, because we can’t continue like this”. Isabella, Julian and Frédérique presented their proposal to retrieve micro plastics in drainage systems.

The three students of Goois Lyceum Bussum in the Netherlands worked, for the last couple of months, on a solution to retrieve plastic litter in water drainage systems internationally. They discovered that large amounts of plastic particles, in international sewer systems, enter our seas and oceans every day. Together they designed a filter system that can easily be implemented to retrieve micro plastics within the drainage systems themselves. We thank Isabella, Julian and Frédérique for their effort and commitment: “We hope that the plastic problem will soon be resolved, because we can’t continue like this”.

CLEAR RIVERS collaborates with all levels of the educational system to create awareness among our new generations. We educate the new professionals and learn from the ambition and ideas of the students.

We all know how threatening the problem of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans is. At CLEAR RIVERS we strongly believe that plastic litter is much more than just waste! We retrieve the plastic from rivers, before it enters seas and oceans, and we recycle it into valuable and durable products.

After we created the recycled Litter Traps, the first recycled floating park, and 3-D printed circular sofas, today we present you our new BLUE GREEN project!

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