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Join us in celebrating the exciting and rewarding activities that took place throughout 2022.

Expanding Litter Traps:

  • We installed 3 new Litter Traps in Romania.

  • We placed 2 new Litter Traps in the Netherlands.

  • 4 Litter Traps were produced in the production facility in Thailand and are soon to be implemented in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Plastic-Free Ambon:

  • We conducted workshops, clean-up activities, and in-depth research to achieve a plastic-free Ambon.

  • We formed new partnerships to amplify our impact and foster collaboration for a cleaner and healthier Ambon.

Focus on Recycling:

  • We continued efforts in our recycling program to reduce plastic waste and promote a circular economy.

  • We explored innovative solutions and valuable products through new collaborations and partnerships.

Engaging students and local communities:

  • We raised awareness of plastic pollution.

  • We inspired and involved students in finding solutions to the issue.

Watch the video overview highlighting our accomplishments in preserving our precious waterways in 2022!

With hope and determination, we eagerly anticipate achieving even greater milestones in 2023!

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