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We are delighted to announce the inspiring collaboration behind River Fashion! At CLEAR RIVERS, recycling is a core pillar, and we are thrilled about this project. River Fashion combines fibers from collected plastic with sustainable cotton, creating a beautiful blend. The buttons, made from 100% river plastic, add a unique touch.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone involved in making this remarkable achievement in fashion and recycling possible: Hanneke Siebelink from Míramé', Saxion Hogeschool, AC Ter Kuile, Save Plastics, Agrofair, Polymer Science Park, and Veolia Nederland. Your dedication and expertise have truly made a difference.

Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of the innovative River Fashion line.

The Recycled Park by our Rotterdam office is a thriving nesting ground for birds during the spring and summer seasons. Egyptian geese, Canadian geese, Moorhens, Coots, Great Crested Grebes, Grey Herons, and others make it their chosen nesting site.

Excitingly, a swan couple has recently hatched four adorable babies at our floating park! This remarkable event showcases the success of our innovative structure, made entirely of recycled plastics, in nurturing urban biodiversity and providing a safe haven for nesting birds.

During March, Omroep Brabant visited Breda to document our Litter Trap and shed light on the issue of nurdles. The abundance of nurdles in the rivers of the Netherlands is concerning. Nurdles are tiny plastic particles utilized as raw materials in the plastic industry. It is believed that these nurdles find their way into our waterways during the transfer between plastic producers. Moreover, marine life, including fish and birds, often mistake them for food.

For a comprehensive understanding of this matter, I recommend following the link below to watch the report by Omroep Brabant and NOS.

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