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During March, Omroep Brabant visited Breda to document our Litter Trap and shed light on the issue of nurdles. The abundance of nurdles in the rivers of the Netherlands is concerning. Nurdles are tiny plastic particles utilized as raw materials in the plastic industry. It is believed that these nurdles find their way into our waterways during the transfer between plastic producers. Moreover, marine life, including fish and birds, often mistake them for food.

For a comprehensive understanding of this matter, I recommend following the link below to watch the report by Omroep Brabant and NOS.

Link to the report:

Exciting news! CLEARS RIVERS is now registered in Vietnam. It’s a big step for our development in the country and it will allow us to further reduce the amount of plastics entering the seas and oceans.

It’s also the perfect time to introduce Thuy Vo (Teddie), our Project Manager in Vietnam. Teddie is a Junior Project Manager with a demonstrated track record of success in managing complex environmental, tactical urbanism, and youth capacity-building projects over the past five years. As a native of the Mekong Delta, Teddie has a deep personal passion for protecting the environment of the region and preserving the inherent beauty of the Mekong River. During the early days of CLEAR RIVERS' arrival in Vietnam, Teddie played a pivotal role in engaging stakeholders, navigating legal processes to enable the introduction of the Litter Trap into Vietnam, and leading all project-related activities in the country. Teddie currently serves as the official representative of CLEAR RIVERS in Vietnam, leveraging their extensive skills and network to advance the organization's mission to protect the world's waterways.

If you have any ideas for projects in Vietnam and you want us to work with you, feel free to reach out to her at

At the moment, our 1st Litter Trap is already produced and awaiting in Thailand for shipping to Cần Thơ. Stay tuned for further updates!

Last March, CLEAR RIVERS presented its collaboration with Hogeschool Rotterdam and Stichting Technasium to Dutch Minister Micky Adriaansens from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to highlight the value of collaborations between businesses and the educational system.

CLEAR RIVERS educational program stimulates:

- Awareness creation of plastic pollution among the young generation.

- New innovations to stop plastic pollution.

- Professional education for the next group of young professionals.

We're delighted to hear that the Dutch Ministry will increase its budget to € 210 million to upscale the collaboration between education and companies. This increased support will hopefully pave the way for a brighter future, where businesses, educational institutions, and government bodies work hand in hand to address environmental challenges and create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

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