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Research, Netherlands

We brought the plastics we collected during our cleanups to the test facility of Tomra. Here, it is sorted in the categories organic, glass, paper and plastic. The plastic is also sorted into the different types. This brings us a step closer to large scale recycling.


Research, Netherlands

The plastics we collected during our cleanups, are recycled and samples of recycled plastics are made by the Wageningen University. The samples vary in combinations of plastics and reinforcement. The different samples are analyzed in strength, water- and UV-resistance.


With the conclusions of this research, we found the most suitable recycler to take Recycled Park into production.


Research, London

We are invited by Thames21 and the Port of London. In London, river pollution is already under concern for more than 10 years. This takes place with the help of more than 9000 volunteers, but also with 9 litter traps.


These litter traps catch a part of the floating plastic in the Thames, and are a good example for Rotterdam.