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Update from our Litter Traps in Borneo

Here a quick update from our two Litter Traps on Borneo Island, Malaysia.

In Sandakan, CLEAR RIVERS is learning, exploring and improving its floating devices to collect plastic from the ocean.

Active in the water for nine months, the two litter traps have collected almost 1 ton of plastic pollution!

Currently still in the water, despite the negative consequences of the pandemic and several lockdowns that affected the country, the litter traps are still retrieving plastic from the ocean daily.

After almost a year of testing and monitoring, the Litter Traps urgently need some maintenance due to the monsoon season. Would you like to help us improving the collection of plastic pollution? You can donate in the donate page and, together, we will keep catching plastic!

We are very proud of the impact of the Litter Traps and the amazing work done every day by our partners @futurealamborneo.

Together we are acting towards a plastic-free sea!

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