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Schiedam Litter Trap LT5

We are very happy and proud to announce that CLEAR RIVERS will install the largest Litter Trap of the Netherlands in Schiedam!

We will install the Litter Trap-LT 5 in the Wilhelminahaven (harbor). This area is still one of the most polluted harbors within the Rotterdam port area. The floating litter, which mainly exists from plastics, is an environmental threat.

To find a direct solution to marine litter and to prevent plastics from entering the North Sea, in collaboration with Gemeente Schiedam, HEBO Maritiemservice B.V., and BV Europe 90, we will install the first LT5 with the 265-meter-long boom before the end of the year! The LT5 will remain there as a permanent installation.

We are ready to prove our impact, collecting retrieving data.

Together for free plastic seas and oceans!

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