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Recycled park makes 2 years.

Today we celebrate 2 years of the Recycled Park in Rotterdam !

The park is made from marine litter and gives life to a new ecosystem ⠀ We are grateful to all our partners that helped us to realize this amazing and unique project: BV Europe 90, Van der Vorm Vastgoed, Nautilus, CityLab010, Ekon, HEBO Maritiemservice BV, Port of Rotterdam, Rijkwaterstaat, Joosten Kunststoffen, Bartels & Vedder, Van Werven, Rotterdam Duurzaam, Gemeente Rotterdam, Cargill, Verkuil & Moree Buitenruimte specialisten, Audi_official, Innovation Quarter, Lankhorst.

Do you want to organize a visit at the park?⠀ Are you interested in bringing the Recycled Park to your city? Send us a private message or email us at ⠀ Together for a #plasticfreesea.

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