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Our 2nd Litter Trap in the Port of Rotterdam!

Updated: May 29, 2023

We placed another Litter Trap in the Sint Laurenshaven! This will allow us to retrieve even more plastic debris and prevent it from entering the North Sea.

The Sint Laurenshaven is a highly polluted harbor in the Port of Rotterdam. There, the South West wind blows the floating debris into the corner of this harbor. CLEAR RIVERS' Litter Trap captures and retrieves the plastic in this corner, preventing the litter from floating further and towards the North Sea.

The Litter Trap installed is our latest version, the LT5B. This version consists of a passive retrieval system with the addition of an inner basket to facilitate swift emptying. The basket can be lifted to the upper quay, where it can easily be emptied and the plastic can be recycled. This installation is done for AVR, which works to keep the harbor clean of plastic litter.

Check out the video below for more information:

This is CLEAR RIVERS' second Litter Trap in the Port of Rotterdam. In 2021, the largest Litter Trap in the Netherlands was installed in the Wilhelminahaven at the request of the City of Schiedam.

More Litter Trap placements are scheduled for Indonesia and Vietnam. Stay tuned!

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