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Opening storage container for plastic waste

Volunteers now have access to their own container to store the collected litter.

Recycled Island Foundation, Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Mangement) and the Municipality of Maassluis join forces to support the clean-up actions in Maassluis. Every month, volunteers, together with Recycled Island Foundation, clean the banks of the Nieuwe Waterweg from plastic waste. This prevents it from ending up in the open sea.

Thanks to the support of Rijkswaterstaat, the container is available to store the collected litter before Recycled Island Foundation sorts and recycles the plastic. The recycled plastic is used as a building material for Litter Traps and floating parks, which are placed in rivers and harbors. In this way, the plastics can have a positive ecological value in waterways.

On Saturday morning, May 18th, we will come together for a festive opening of the container, combined with a short clean-up. We gather at 09:30 at the tunnel of the Merellaan, on the Waterweg side. From 10:30 we toast with a snack and a drink at the container. The equipment for the cleanup will be provided by Recycled Island Foundation.

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Hazel M
Hazel M
08 жовт. 2021 р.

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