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One month of CLEAR RIVERS' Litter Trap in Zwolle!

CLEAR RIVERS started a new pilot project in Overijssel with the aim of preventing the plastic from entering the Ijsselmeer first and, later, from reaching the North Sea.

The Litter Trap has been successfully retrieving waste from the river for a month now.

CLEAR RIVERS' team is monitoring and emptying the Litter Trap weekly, keeping track of the different type and amounts of waste collected. The plastic litter will be analyzed for quantity, composition and type of plastic.

But the pilot doesn't end with the retrieval of the plastic:

A fundamental part of the project is the recycling. Researches will be done in order to recycle as much as possible of the collected material.

The pilot is a CLEAR RIVERS’ initiative, supported by the Provincie Overijssel, the Gemeente Zwolle, SC Johnson, Rijkswaterstaat and ENGIE. Various partners are participating in the pilot, such as Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim, OOZ, Natuur & Milieu.

We are looking forward to delivering the first results and insights of the pilot project.

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