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New Litter Trap in Romania: Protecting the Crișul Negru

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Romania! Last week, as part of our ongoing mission to halt plastic pollution, CLEAR RIVERS installed a Litter Trap along the Crișul Negru River, near the town of Tinca.

The Crișul Negru River, spanning 164 km within Romania and collecting water from 16 tributaries, is integral to local ecosystems. This marks CLEAR RIVERS' fourth installation in Romania! We are incredibly proud of this achievement and the positive impact it will have on the river's natural environment and surrounding communities.

Located close to the Romanian-Hungarian border, the Litter Trap plays a crucial role in stopping plastic debris from further polluting international rivers such as the Danube and eventually the Black Sea. This installation not only helps protect local waterways but also contributes to the larger effort of preserving international water bodies.

This installation was possible thanks to local project partners, Apele Romane, and RUS & BEN CONSTRUCT SRL. We are deeply grateful for their dedication and look forward to expanding these vital collaborations to further prevent plastic pollution in Romanian rivers.

Below, you can find some glimpses of the implementation process:

Stay tuned for more updates on our efforts to protect rivers and oceans globally.

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