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Litter Trap Opening in Budapest!

Today the first Litter Trap in Budapest has been launched. The project is the result of a wide and successful collaboration between different national and international partners that have worked together in order to present the project during today's inauguration in front of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The plastics collected by the floating Litter Trap will be monitoring and analysed in its recycling potential for the production of new durable products. The Litter Trap will collect plastic litter floating along the West bank of the Danube river. Collected plastics will be sorted and recycled. Education and awareness creation will be a fundamental aspect of the one-year-long pilot.

Thank you to all our partners in this project: Audi Umweltstiftung, Kszgysz, Pet Kupa, ING, Audi Hungary, Europahajo, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

#opening #celebration #clearrivers #littertrap #circulareconomy #noplanteb #saveouroceans

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