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Collaboration with The Good Floor

Since last year, we have a Good #collaboration with The Good Floor!

They #recycle some of the single use #plastics that we find on our Litter Traps in Rotterdam.

Thank you The Good Floor for The Good Film!

" From retrieving plastics through the @_clearrivers_ litter traps, to shredding the plastic waste in @the_good_floor hub and then creating durable and sustainable flooring concepts that can be fully customized. This film perfectly demostrates how we work together to strive towards a clean environment.

Our partner @_clearrivers_ provides us with the plastics collected in their litter traps, it is then cleaned and sorted by material and color, and locally ground into small granule pellets in our hub at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.

''What makes our floors so special is our use of materials ordinarily collected by waste services, to ultimately be incinerated. So we're basically upcycling the material by giving it a second life'' - Mark Roderick Schothorst, founder of The Good Floor.

In this film, we take you along to the newly renovated office of Buro Boot, who have prioritized the use of sustainable materials and designs. Interior architect Susanne Bakkenist (@spacemonkey_susannebakkenist) was involved in the custom design for Buro Boot, which resulted in a unique Confetti pattern and a Sea Blue floor.

For more information about our durable flooring concept, check out our website;

By retrieving the plastics in rivers CLEAR RIVERS in preventing the further pollution of our seas. For more information about the litter traps by CLEAR RIVERS, check out their website;

Film by @umweltfilms - Umwelt Films by film director Jan Katsma

Special thanks to; Kees Boot, Suzanne Bakkenist, Ramon Knoester, our installation team and Mark Roderick Schothorst "

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