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CLEAR RIVERS turns 6 and starts a fundraising for Borneo.

Today is a very important day for us: RIVERS turns 6!

It’s been 6 years of hard work, challenges and achievements! We couldn’t have reached any goal without the support of people like you that care about the #environment and want to do something to #saveourplanet !

Currently, we are working with our partners FutureAlamBorneo and UniBrick on cleaning the coastlines in #Borneo, Malaysia. Our goal for 2021 is to implement one Litter Trap in Sandakan and #recycle the #plastic into building blocks for sustainable housing .

The communities in Borneo live by the ocean and rely on the sea for their livelihood, living from the fish and marine life. Unfortunately, this area is lacking proper #wastemanagement and #awareness about the damages of #plasticpollution, and huge amounts of plastic gets thrown into the #rivers and #sea.

What can you do?

Support us in the battle against plastic pollution contributing to our crowdfunding campaign and sharing this post with your friends .

A solution is urgently needed and we have 99 days to raise the budget. No contribution is too small!

Together for a plastic-free sea,


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