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Litter Trap in the Danube River, Budapest

The first Litter Trap in Budapest has been launched. The project is the result of a wide and successful collaboration between different national and international partners that have worked together in order to present the project in front of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where the retrieving device is placed.


The plastics collected by the floating Litter Trap will be monitored and analyzed in their recycling potential for the production of new durable products. The Litter Trap will collect plastic litter floating along the West bank of the Danube river. Collected plastics will be sorted and recycled. Education and awareness creation will be a fundamental aspect of the one-year-long pilot.

Plastic litter is a problem in open waters. Animals are affected by it and the ecosystem suffers. Via rivers, a large part of the litter ends up in Seas and Oceans, where it becomes part of the worldwide pollution. Exposure to sunlight and friction makes larger objects fragment into smaller particles, known as microplastic. The smaller the fragments get, the more difficult is it to retrieve them. 

The Danube, the second-largest European river, carries yearly from 530 to 1550 tonnes of plastic waste to the Black Sea.

This is why CLEAR RIVERS aims to retrieve plastics before they reach the open waters.


The placement of the Litter Trap is possible through the collaboration of CLEAR RIVERS with Audi Environmental Foundation, KSZGYSZ Szövetség, Plastic Cup, ING, AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and AUDI AG.

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