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1) CLEAR RIVERS' Circular Project Coordinator Francesca will go to Borneo for a site visit! She will meet Anton from FAB, and with the support of CLEAR RIVERS' team from Rotterdam, she will lay the foundation of the project: 

  • Further explore the best locations for the Litter Trap implementation to place it in the most efficient spot to retrieve as much plastic as possible. 

  • Meetings with local partners and planning for the installation and emptying of the Litter Trap. 

  • Applications for the permits required for the Litter Trap placement. 

  • Litter Trap final design: optimization of the  Litter Trap (anchoring system, types and dimensions of the booms) according to the location. 

2) Production of a durable Litter Trap using recycled plastics! If you want to know more about the technical aspects of the production phase please contact us at

3) Shipment and implementation of the Litter Trap in Sandakan! Once the Litter Trap is successfully implemented in the water we will take the following steps: 

  • Organize the regular emptying of the device

  • Set up monitoring for the sorting and recycling of the plastics

  • Set up of the circular re-use for the recovered plastics together with FAB and UniBrick! 

  • Join FAB in its already ongoing work on education and awareness about the problem of plastic pollution. 

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